A trip to the Pumpkin Festival

A trip to the Pumpkin Festival


Nothing brings on the fall-feels like going to a pumpkin festival.  This past weekend was the craft/pumpkin festival that draws in thousands throughout the weekend, held right in my hometown.  Amongst the hundreds of pumpkins to choose from are vendors from Snapseed32near and far selling their precious crafts.

This year there was over 100 vendors selling anything from crafts & candles to boutique clothing.

I found a few great deals at this years Pumpkin Fest:

A Xavier Musketeer elastic headband (perfect for home-game gear this year) – $5.00


There is a shop in Metamora, Indiana that creates numerous items for each season based on your favorite team.  Last year I purchased this Xavier scarecrow, which has worked perfect decorating my cubicle at work.


This year I purchased two snowmen to decorate for the holidays.

Stick Snowman – $5.95                    Plush snowman – $8.95

IMG_4345My last  (and favorite) purchase was a Sherpa Vest for only $34 which included the monogram! I thought this was a great deal considering the quality and prices of competitors online.  The vendor was from a small shop in Oxford, Ohio and the product should arrive at my house in 2 weeks.  If interested in looking at the other products she creates, check out her Etsy page.  The vest is available in 6 colors, along with different color threading for the monogram.  You are able to choose a full monogram, or just a letter on the vest, which is what I thought would work best for me.  I’ll post an update later on how the vest turned out with my monogram on it.

Have you found any deals worth blogging about?