DIY Costume: Starbucks Caramel Frappe


This year my work had a “Halloween Spooktacular” where there was going to be different prizes to win for the best costumes.  I searched on Pinterest to find something unique that I didn’t think anyone else would be dressed as, and of course would be low-budget–that’s when I found the Starbucks Caramel Frappe idea.

If you need a last minute costume for a late Halloween party this weekend, try this out! For this costume you will need:

  • tan/caramel colored dress
  • white and caramel scarf (you can also use a white boa with gold string wrapped through it)
  • a paper towel tube
  • green paint or tulle
  • hard headband
  • tape
  • whole punch
  • Starbuck’s logo printout

(If you do not have a caramel/brown dress, you could also be a latte instead using a white dress and cardboard.)

  1. Paint the paper towel tube green or wrap it in tulle.
  2. Hole punch about half an inch from the bottom two holes next to each other on sides opposite each other.IMG_4773
  3. Feed the headband through both sides.  If it seems a little wobbly, just add some tape to support it. As rough as it may look, it will be hidden when you wear it anyways. I put the paper towel tube a little to the left of the headband so it would look like a straw hanging.
  4. Print out a Starbucks logo from Google, and tape it to the middle of the dress.
  5. Add your scarfs (a.k.a. whipped cream and caramel toppings..) and you’re good to go!

Wha La!! I loved how my costume turned out and I won the “Most Creative” prize at the Spooktacular!