My Blog Makeover with

My Blog Makeover with

It’s here!!!

Welcome to my new and improved website!

Two weeks ago Laura from reached out to me for a collaboration since I would be a perfect candidate for their blog makeover.  Of course I did some research, but after finding other bloggers who had their site “revamped” and how great they looked, I was sold.  At that point the design team began creating the new theme by viewing my site’s current features and thinking of what would look best for my blog.  I sent in a few suggestions of what I wished to see, like a grid layout, and they found the best way to incorporate that into my new design.  The next day my new layout was already go to go!! I couldn’t believe how quick the turn-around time was.


Prior to being contacted by Blogerize, I had done a lot of work to my site to get it to where I wanted to.  I still didn’t have all the features I wanted since I was working through and I knew that if I wanted to get more freedom with my site I would need to move to a self-hosted site.  The thought was a little overwhelming.  I had looked at the details of switching to, but honestly I was scared of the changes and how the user ability would change for me.  It can also be intimidating seeing the costs thrown around to make the switch.  I had seen numerous great reviews on Bluehost, so I knew if I switched, that’s where I would go.

While working with Laura to upload my design, we came across the issue of being a member since the system does not allow upload designs with the free blog platform.  Even though I thought before being a .com member was the best for my blog, I decided that this was the PERFECT time to make the switch while I had a company walking step-by-step through the process with me.  Previously I had a paid Personal plan with so I had to take a small loss on not being able to use that for the full-year.  It took 5 days for my domain to be completely switched over to my new host and get started with all the features of my new blog.  If I hadn’t had the domain switched over, the blog would have been ready in only a couple days.  I was extremely surprised with how quickly the Blogerize design team had my new blog ready to go.  I allowed them to install and setup the blog design for me to ensure it was all done correctly.  They helped to transfer my data and setup my Instagram feed at the bottom of the webpage.  The process was so easy and their team was extremely helpful with any questions that I had until I was ready to launch the new site.


Aaaand here we are! The new and improved Share your thoughts below, and check out to help get your blog started!


Overall, I give this experience a 5/5 rating.  The team was very cooperative to make sure the design reflected my personality and what I wanted to see in my “dream blog” makeover.


Thank you Blogerize for this experience!



  1. November 10, 2017 / 3:22 am

    Looks great! I saw another blogger who used Blogerize this week and was curious about what the service involved. Thanks for the info and review!

    • admin
      November 10, 2017 / 2:52 pm

      It helped me a lot to get started with self-hosting a blog! I’m glad you liked the post!