DIY: Recipe Book

DIY: Recipe Book

Over the past few years I’ve been trying to jot down or take pictures of my favorite family recipes.  With the age of technology, I feel like the art of keeping a hardcopy Recipe Book has been lost.  I want to be able to keep all my recipes organized and in one place so that when I get married I have something to easily reference.

Pinterest has many great ideas for keeping your recipes organized with binders, recipe boxes, and making your own books.  I decided a binder would be easier for me to add new recipes and keep organized.  I used the template from “A Home to Grow Old In” blog, the inspiration and design came from her love of Kate Spade’s style (moi aussi).  I paired these printouts with a white binder for a simple, classic look.














Next, I found these great printouts from Dimplicity’s blog that I added to each section.  They’re a perfect size to read from, and alternate in colors between sections.  I keep the PDF file stored on my laptop so I can easily printout more whenever I need them.  If you prefer to type your directions, you can open the file in Microsoft Word as well.














And that’s it! A simple way to start my own recipe binder.  I look forward to filling it with tasty-recipes I learn along the way.

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