3 Podcasts to check out on iHeart Radio

After starting full-time, I wanted to find something I could listen to while working besides music.  I started out with some audiobooks, but wanted to find something to keep me updated on what was going on in the world.  I started looking through iHeart.com podcasts and found these gems that I listen to every week:

  1. The Ben and Ashley I Almost Famous Podcast

I absolutely LOVE this podcast.  You will find me rushing into iHeart every Tuesday morning to listen to the latest upload.  The Almost Famous series, now in their 4th season, started in May of 2017.  It was perfect since started listening to this podcast as soon as it began, so I was able to grow with the hosts to learn little more about their lives and what the podcast was going to be about. Ben and Ashley I are both part of the Bachelor Nation.  Each week they talk about what happened the night before on the latest episode of the Bachelor.  I had never watched the Bachelor prior and didn’t have any issues understanding the topics they were talking about in the podcast.  They occasionally bring guests on the show who have previously been on the Bachelor/Bachelorette to talk about their experiences.  If you want to hear more from Ashley I, you can catch her “I Don’t Get It” podcast with episodes uploaded weekly.

Episode Run time: about 60 mins


2.The Martha Quinn Show After Party

I stumbled across this show while searching for “Pop Culture” podcasts.  Of course I’m a little young to remember when Martha Quinn was on MTV in the 80’s, but it’s still great hearing working with some of my favorite artists.  The After Party brings together Martha Quinn herself with 2 producers who talk after the show about everything from why they love Christmas time to the proper amount to tip a waiter.  Every now and then they will interview artists to see what they are up to now, and reminisce about the first-time they met Martha on MTV.

Episode Run time: 10-15 mins


3. Label Defiers

There is only a few episodes in this series, but they are still worth listening to.  The host spends time talking with some of the top pop stars of today about their music career, personal life, and what’s to come from them in the future.  Catch interviews with artists like Miley Cyrus, Charlie Puth, and Nick Jonas.

Episode Run time: 10-20 mins