Try these self-tanner products this winter

If you’re mistaking yourself for Casper the Ghost when you look in the mirror, look no farther.

I’ve discovered two products that I regularly alternate using.  Meet Fake Bake and Jergens Instant Sun.


FakeBake Flawless

I discovered this product at a Mary Kay party I went to.  My consultant had a flawless tan in the middle of winter, so I figured -Oh must be the tanning bed.  Later in her demonstrations she mentioned how she didn’t use a tanning bed. I was amazed at this point.  I asked her afterwards and she said to check out a product called FakeBake on Amazon, so of course I did! As soon as I looked up the item I saw it was Amazon’s Choice with almost 6,000 reviews! I have used this product for almost a year now and still love it.  I started to use “FakeBake Flawless Darker” so that I could get a darker color in the summertime.  Not long after beginning use of the product, people were asking me if I was going to the tanning bed! I tried tinted lotion before, but I felt like I wasn’t getting the results I wanted or had a yellow/orange tint.  The only downside with FakeBake is making sure you rinse off the “guiding” layer before wearing clothing or it will rub off (aka not a friend to white clothes).  I found the best results when I used steps other users had posted online such as: properly exfoliating, moisturizing, number of applications, and regularly cleaning the mitt or buying additional mitts.  I never had my tan last a couple weeks like others, but I could’ve been doing something wrong.  The links are posted here, but purchasing through Amazon is much cheaper at $13.94 than ULTA costing $26.50.


Jergens Instant Sun

I began using this product this summer on vacation when my friend who has very fair skin was tanner than me! I wanted to know the secret right away! The foam easily spreads across the surface and dries quickly.  I only noticed orange tint when using heavily for multiple days.  I use this mostly in the winter now to add color to my face, neck, and hands.  Whenever you don’t feel like going through the rinsing process with FakeBake, this is a great alternative.  There are warnings for this product on your face with the dangers of getting the foam into your eyes.  I usually by mine at Walgreens but it’s also available at ULTA.


Let me know what you think of these self-tanning products, or if you have another great one to try!