Become a Consultant –Join Thirty-One today!

After hosting my party and making my wish list of items to buy, my consultant reached out to me and advised to buy the $99 kit for becoming my own consultant.  At first I was very hesitant, but after putting some thought and research into the idea, I figured it works out Yay! if not Oh well.

In August you can either join for $1 or purchase the $99 kit worth $350.  Keep in mind there is a $14.95 a month charge for your webpage through the website.  This makes reaching out to customers outside of your city much easier, and I found it very beneficial when hosting my own party.  If you choose the kit route, you have two options in colors as you can view below.  The items come pre-personalized and will arrive on your front step in 2 days.  The box will include all the items needed to start you’re own business.

The direct sales world has changed tremendously with the internet and using Facebook.  Most consultants make their sales through online transactions–so that means no late nights of hosting a party at someone’s house across town!  Consultants receive 25% of their sales.

If you’re interested in signing up visit here.

Any questions at all feel free to reach out to me.  I look forward to hearing about your Thirty-One journey.