Two words: PRIME DAY.


It’s here….PRIME DAY! The day that people who are obsessed with Amazon mark down on their calendars to grab some of the years greatest deals (some even better than black Friday) and where items you can only buy on Amazon even have a discount.

With it being the day of Amazon I figured I would share some of the best items I have found on Amazon, and at great prices. Please brace yourself for the tempting impulse buys…

First things first, I’ll share with you two of the deals I’ve grabbed so far with Prime Day:

sensoSENSO Bluetooth headphones with very high ratings.  I didn’t want to invest in a pair of Beats headphones because how often I would use them and the price tag wouldn’t cancel each other out.  These are regularly $37.97, and today went to $28.77.

ue boomThe Ultimate Ears BOOM 2 Bluetooth speaker had been at $165.99, but at 9:00 Monday night went to $129.99.  My boyfriend had been looking at JBL Bluetooth speakers, but they had not shown any deals yet Monday night or in the upcoming deals.


echo.jpgThe best sale I have seen so far is, nonetheless,… the Amazon Echo for 50% off.  I personally don’t want to buy one right now, but for those looking at them now is your time to grab one while the prices are this low.

Here are some products I have bought over the past few years on Amazon that after my favorites and unbeatable pricing after buying on Amazon (and not to mention saving the hassle of running into store after store trying to find something kinda similar):

  1. fakeFirst things first, I will be making a follow-up blog post on this product alone.  Hands down my favorite tanning product for my not-so-friendly-to-tanning-skin.  I haven’t been able to find this product in the store, only on Amazon or FakeBakes website.  The price for 6 ounces is $14.32 for the “Darker” self-tanner.  The bottle typically lasts me about a month and a half—so an amazing deal if you know how pricey tanning products can be!

2. Hold the comments please…I know what you’re thinking. “How old are you? And you still need a US Map…”.  In my defense, I’m not the best at telling you what cities are in which mapstate.  Since I started my first Cost Accountant position, I decided to mark down on a map where my plant locations were for traveling purposed, and heck, relearning where everything is.  There are various versions of maps covered in a laminate so that it is dry-erase friendly for only $7.25.

(P.s. To those who taught me geography over the years, I apologize.)

3. The Amazon Firestick is a great way for TVs not capable of accessing the internet to do just that.  I had debated on getting an Xbox 360 to be able to access firestickNetflix and Hulu, but I know I wouldn’t use it enough for its value.  I also tried displaying my laptop screen on my TV to watch Netflix through an HDMI cable.  It worked great…until I wanted to watch TV while doing homework on my laptop…which led me to the Firestick.  It’s even better when you have Prime to unlock free shows and movies.

4. I discovered the TechNet Bluetooth Keyboard for my iPad mini 2 years ago while in college.  Other students had Macs that were smaller and easier to carry to their classes.  I love my laptop, but it’s a bit bigger to carry around all the time. I keyboarddecided to add a keyboard to my tablet and wha-lah! I had the perfect note-taking device for my classes.  As you can transmittersee with the silver color keyboard, after slipping your iPad into the holder, it looks like one piece! Many people confused it with an actual laptop. I had the privilege after reviewing that product, to try out some of their other products, like the radio adapter.  I’ve used all different brands and they pretty much work the same.  I use it all the time in my car whether it’s playing my Spotify playlist or throwbacks on my iPod.

5. If you want a great Bluetooth speaker but don’t want to fork out the $$$, look no further.  My friend bought this gem at a Flea Market, and I was in love! I soundwanted one myself and found it on Amazon and I’ve been using it ever since! The bass and sound are great, and get very loud in my room.  On the other hand we tried using it during tailgating before a NASCAR race and it was a little tough to hear over wind and background noise, which I’m sure most speakers will fall short to.  The price tag? $35.00.

7. As you will soon learn, I love Harry Potter.  For those of you who just read that statement and think “ME TOO!!!”, thank you.  I’m glad we can share this love together.  I found this Harry Potter scarf..I prefer the later years Gryffindor color hpscarf because it just seems to flow better than the bright red and yellow.  Yes, I have turned the logo to face me so no one could tell what scarf it is cause it’s still really cute, and a few Potterheads caught on to what those colors really were.

I hope you get many great deals on Prime day!

So what are some of the great deals you’ve found on Amazon?