The Best Personal Trainer

Ah summer.  The time you want to relax but look your best in that new two-piece you just bought at the same time .  I had enough trouble finding time to work out around school and part time work.  Now that I’m fulltime and getting used to a different daily schedule, it definitely makes motivation wash right down the drain.

dog.pngOver the past few weeks I’ve debated on using the free gym at work, getting a membership for the gym in town, or just continue at home workouts.  At the same time, I like to be able to take my dog for a walk or run when I have the chance.

It wasn’t until last night as I tiredly took my dog out for a walk…well she pretty much walked me.., that I realized how much she really pushed me to work harder.  I’m not much for running with a person because I feel like I can’t stop when I need to or they might run at a different pace.  Going for a run with my dog can sometimes be a struggle with how fast she is, but it keeps me pushing forward throughout the run.  I can tell she’s out of shape (and me), so I’ve wanted to get her ready to go for longer runs again.  This is a great way for me to be out of a people-filled gym, and view the great outdoors with my Mountain Cur who can’t wait to go on a trip when I get home.  It’s always hard to tell those big brown eyes “No.” when a walk is the highlight of her day.