DIY: Mini Binder Planner

If organization is your middle name, then keep on reading.  After being bored I spent countless hours browsing around Pinterest and discovered hundreds of pins about planning, and most importantly, a way to finally keep my stuff together and organized.  I searched online for the best types, compared prices, and decided which ones would be for my best use.  A few years later now, I use multiple planners for different purposes.  I’m happy to say that one of my favorites is one that I created myself inspired by fellow pinners.

A couple weeks ago I started interning for a company I will be continue working for after graduation in just a few short months—yes I will officially be adulting.  Being an accountant, I wanted to find a way to reference my notes quickly and have them organized.  I decided to use a Martha Stewart Mini Binder (available at Staples) and Avery Mini Binder products (available at Amazon).


The sleek black mini binder is perfect to match any bag and accessories I have to use at my desk.  The labels I used for all of my binders were from the Dollar Tree.


Inside my front binder pocket I have a To Do list notepad that I found at Staples.  This is very handy to jot down in “do it now” tasks that I have for the day, and “do it later” tasks I need to get done later in the week.


I found tab dividers from Avery’s collection to separate my notes, and pockets to stick any random papers into.  The filler paper is available to buy for 3-7 ring binders.

Any pages that need to be laminated that I print (half-size pages on Word Document), I can use the laminated sheets.  Also the sheets are a way to use dry erase markers for quick notes.

Last but not least, a notepad in the back pocket with sticky notes for quick use.


I absolutely love this planner.  It has gone above and beyond what I wanted to organize my notes after starting my career.  Once I created different sections to separate notes, it has made referencing my notes at work so much more efficient and quick to use.  I highly recommend using te dry erase page.  I hung up a small white board in my cube, but I felt like it was hard to reach and all of my talks were visible to my coworkers when I was reminding myself of what to do.  I hope you can use this as inspiration to creat your own planner! (Especially if the ones you are buying aren’t suiting your needs)



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