The Saga of a Fan-girl Pt. I

The Saga.png

I always wanted to be able to go to a Josh Turner concert.  He’s one of my favorite country artists that has a hint of the classic twain and is strong in his religious views.  Every time he came on tour it was usually at the casinos where the event is 21+.

IMG_03882For my graduation gift, my amazing boyfriend surprised me with tickets to a show an hour away at a casino since I was FINALLY old enough to get in.  I was so happy I just barely held back my tears.  The night before the concert I checked the time online and it said 8:00 p.m., as well as the official website.  We planned on leaving for dinner at 5:00 and getting to the concert around 7:30 so we’d have enough time to visit the merch stand and get to our seats.  We ran a little late, but still managed to get to the concert ten minutes before!

As we walked inside I noticed that there was no lines outside the venue, so everyone else must’ve IMG_0390already went in.  The workers who scanned our tickets were kind of giving us a weird look but I figured it must’ve been the cowgirl boots.  We walked in the doors and—Josh was talking on stage.  I thought it was a little weird but thought, “hey he must’ve came out on stage early.” I looked down at the ticket to check the time and—-oh my gosh.  The ticket said 7:00!!!!! The tickets to the concert I always wanted to go to, that cost a pretty penny, and drove an hour away to see….started at 7:00!!! I was going to double check the time on the ticket earlier but figured, it must be right if it’s on his website right?

I cautiously broke the news to my boyfriend.  At this point my heart was resting in my stomach on top of the food we just ate.  Calling myself every IMG_0387name in the book we sat in our seats and enjoyed what was left of the show.  On the plus side I heard my favorite song before the end.  After the 20 minute show I really wasn’t sure what to do.  I walked up to the stage and asked if they had any meet and greet opportunities, but the band said no.  I explained the situation and unfortunately this wasn’t the first time and I wasn’t the first person this has happened to! They had a few shows in Vegas where people relied on the time posted on the official website.  They felt bad and at least gave me a guitar pick.

Of course my boyfriend was not happy with me.  I wasn’t happy with myself, but what could I do at that point? I left the casino in tears, trying to hide my ugly cry from people as I walked by.  When I got home my parents laughed at the situation, which helped me take a step back, but I was still determined.  After the long concert (…..) we decided to go out with some friends and relax.  The whole time I was googling contact information for the website.  Keywords: “wrong concert time” “contact fanclub” “contact admin” “contact anybody who can freaking help me figure this out”.

IMG_0381I finally found the Fanclub page and posted the question hoping it would raise someone’s attention, but then I realized questions from 2014 still weren’t answered and decided to keep on searching. Finally I found an email for the record label management. I gave it a shot and explained the situation.

After waiting a few days with no response, I found another show that was semi-nearby at the Greenville Darke County Fair that had some pretty good tickets, so I decided to buy some for my boyfriend and I to make up for the misunderstanding.  This time I was going to make sure I checked the dang time 30 times….

 A few days later while on my lunch break I checked my email.  All of a sudden an email caught my attention with the subject line “Josh Turner” and I opened to see the response from the label.  The marketing team offered me 2 meet and greet passes and 2 free tickets to any show!! I was almost in tears.  Again.  I took a screenshot and forwarded it to everyone so happy floating on cloud 9.


Since I couldn’t return the Greenville tickets and there were no other future shows coming around us, we decided to use the 2 meet and greets for the Greenville show and go to the concert next time he’s in town around us for free with the other tickets!!

The rest is to be continued…