My first visit to…IKEA!


For years I’ve always heard of the amazing products found at IKEA, but my family had never visited.  My fulltime job I started a few months ago is less than a mile from the IKEA in Cincinnati and I STILL hadn’t visited it until yesterday.  I was looking for different ways to organize my shelves in my room, and left with a lot more things than I thought I would.

My favorite product for only $14.99 was this KNUBBIG lamp which was the perfect addition for theme in my room.  The reviews said it was a “dim” light, but I was very happy how well it lit up the dark corner in my room.

I’ve been searching for awhile for a desk chair in my room that wouldn’t be too bulky or take up too much space since my room is a little smaller with the size of my furniture.  IMG_3175As I was heading towards the checkout I saw this little stool and figured it would probably be around $20..I picked up the tag..only $4.99! After putting the pieces together I found this was the perfect height for my desk area.

Next up, I’ve seen some inspo on Pinterest for a bedside pocket to help hold items while they are charging, and easily store things next to your bed.  Most of the items I found were $20 and not exactly what I was looking for.  IKEA had the perfect option for only $4.99; they have pink, orange and green but I chose pink for next to my bed.  My bed is a frame with the drawers underneath, so the bedside pocket was able to easily hang off the side of it.

Last but not least I wanted a simple “fake plant” to spruce up my room or cubicle.   I IMG_3177found the Fejka articifial plant for $4.99.  It is the perfect size without taking up too much space and works perfect to add some nature to your room without the maintenance.


So what deals have you found at IKEA?




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