Featured Product: the Super Swap-It Pocket

super swap it


Recently I purchased the Thirty-One Super Swap-It Pocket while it was only $10 with a $35 purchase during September.  I have the regular swap-it pocket which helps me easily transition between my purse and work tote and keeps the things I use the most organized to easily find in my messy bag.  The larger version is the same with two zipper pockets for each section and multiple pockets inside the pouch.  Pinterest has numerous ideas to use your Super Swap-It Pocket such as: a gym bag, bible study bag, crafting, scrapbooking, planner, knitting, medical kit, and so on!  I bought my niece a pink bag with her name on it as a Christmas gift so she will be able to use it as her Dance Class bag.

Check out the Super Swap-It Pocket today!

Dress – Walmart

Shoes – Kmart

Monogrammed Bracelet – Marley Lilly

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