Planner Ideas for a Potterhead



Yes, I’m a Potterhead and proud to admit it.  I had seen some planner ideas on Pinterest and Etsy and it gave me the inspiration to create my own Harry Potter themed planner.  The planner I used to “potter-fy” is from the Martha Stewart collection at Staples.  If I didn’t already have too many planners there are great ideas on Pinterest for using distressed leather or brown planners for a HP theme.  The Martha Stewart planner is disc bound which can have inserts for pockets, IMG_35734dividers and adding additional paper.  I use this planner to carry in my purse with me to easily access my passwords for websites, blog ideas, to-do notes, and just random things to jot down without having a bulky planner.

For starters I printed out all of the images that I was wanting to use.  I googled “harry potter stickers” for inspo and other Harry Potter planner spreads to see what they used to decorate.

My opening cover features a pocket that can hold paper folded in half and smaller pockets in front where I placed some of my printouts.


The cover images (ideas for divider images from Pinterest) were covered with clear contact paper to make the images stay in place while adding a “glossy” look to the images.  I also used this idea to decorate my laptop.  For the tab labels, I searched for a Harry Potter font and found this website where I could type in whatever I wanted the labels to be.  The photo used for the “Have you seen this wizard?” divider was printed using the HP Sprocket.