The Best Personal Trainer

Ah summer.  The time you want to relax but look your best in that new two-piece you just bought at the same time .  I had enough trouble finding time to work out around school and part time work.  Now that I'm fulltime and getting used to a different daily schedule, it definitely makes motivation... Continue Reading →

Two words: PRIME DAY.

  It’s here….PRIME DAY! The day that people who are obsessed with Amazon mark down on their calendars to grab some of the years greatest deals (some even better than black Friday) and where items you can only buy on Amazon even have a discount. With it being the day of Amazon I figured I... Continue Reading →

Different page-same Saranda

Wait when did I start following SimplySaranda? Well if you didn't click follow, I'll ease your mind.  Previously CollegeColeus that I started to get my feet wet with WordPress and how I wanted to run a blog, now post graduation I started SimplySaranda.  This website marks a new chapter in my life.  One that I... Continue Reading →

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